Seeing fate from the horoscope of birth ➬ Seeing fate according to the horoscope of birth

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This article will talk about reading fate from the horoscope of birth and the knowledge points corresponding to fate according to the horoscope of birth. I hope it will be helpful to everyone, don’t forget Bookmark this site. A list of the contents of this article: 1. Can the horoscope of birth really determine fate? 2. The method of reading fortune based on horoscope 3. The horoscope of one’s life, the horoscope of birth and the fortune of one’s life Can the horoscope of birth really determine fate? 1. Destiny is “destined” Judging fate from the horoscope of birth date. Because when you look at your fate from the horoscope of your birth date when you are born, the position of the stars affects your life. The so-called "fate" is not absolute. "Fate" is just an opportunity, a possibility. Destiny can be changed. If you change your home feng shui, name, etc., you can achieve the effect of transshipment. 2. The horoscope of a person’s birthday cannot determine a person’s fate, it can only be said to influence the fate of a person. There are always some people who believe in constellations or zodiac signs (birthday horoscope), so they will accept or reject it according to the instructions in the book. A certain group of people, even if they have no flaws. For one person. 3. It is not difficult to hear in life: fate is destined, God has already arranged everything, etc. Some words explaining that fate is already doomed. The scope of the theory is also very wide, some people believe it, some people denounce it, and some people are dubious. 4. Really relevant. The horoscope of your birthday determines your destiny. However, don't be discouraged, life can be changed, but it is a relatively difficult thing. It can be changed for the better. If you want to do great kindness and do goodness for a long time, it will not be achieved in a day, but if you do great kindness, one thing can change your life, but this kind of situation is rarely encountered. 5. Why do people born at the same time have different fates? In fact, this only shows that people's understanding of fate is still very limited. In other words, the current fortune-telling technique is still incomplete. Taking the eight-character fortune-telling based on the theory of the five elements as an example, she only considered the hour, and only the time. 6. A person's fate is innate, but luck is acquired, and acquired can be changed. It involves six factors including the age of birth, social environment, combination of date of birth, feng shui, name, self-cultivation and hard work. Birth horoscope and fortune method People born on May 28th have ample food and clothing and a leisurely mood; weak in youth, hardworking in middle age, emotional ups and downs, prosperous career, late marriage, late children, and a lot of help. Therefore, to see if there are any five elements missing in a person's horoscope, it is necessary to analyze whether the five elements corresponding to the four heavenly stems and the four earthly branches that make up the horoscope are missing anything. For example, the four heavenly stems and the four earthly branches do not contain the five elements of fire. , that is the lack of fire in the horoscope or the lack of fire in the hit. Paiyuezhu: Yuezhu, that is, the seasons of the year and month of a person's birth are indicated by the lunar calendar's stems and branches. The day column and hour column also need to be calculated, and finally the most accurate results can be obtained. Looking at the horoscope, first of all, you can know your fate palace through the horoscope, because different fate palaces indicate different fortunes, because the fate palace controls the thinking of a person's brain. The date of birth, referred to as "Bazi", refers to the date of a person's birth. In fact, this has the same meaning as the birthday we are talking about now. In fact, the calendar uses the heavenly stems and earthly branches to refer to the year, month, day, and hour. The horoscope to see the fate of life, and the horoscope to see the fortune of a life 1. The ancient Chinese generally used the celestial stems and earthly branches to keep time. For example, if it is 20:00 on January 28, if you travel back to ancient times, you will record it like this, with a total of 8 characters. If fortune-telling is performed on people born at this time, it is called "Pi Ba Zi" (also known as Pai Si Zhu). Bazi fate level. 2. If a person's horoscope is heavy, then this person has a strong sense of professionalism, high self-discipline, likes to take responsibility, and is very masculine. In real life, a person who is positive and prosperous is either a person who controls others, or a person who is controlled and controlled by others. 3. The horoscope determines the fortune of a lifetime: check the horoscope to see the fate The horoscope determines the fortune of a lifetime: what influence does the horoscope of life have on the fortune 18 ways to change the destiny: work hard in obscurity. Lucky people are action-focused, spending their time on important things instead of bragging and showing off. This is the end of the introduction about looking at fate from the horoscope of birth and according to the horoscope of birth. Have you found the information you need from it? If you want to know more about this, remember to bookmark and follow this site.

Seeing fate from the horoscope of birth ➬ Seeing fate according to the horoscope of birth

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