Green tea boys, ten characteristics of male green tea? , What do boys with green tea call?

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Hello everyone, today I have noticed a more interesting topic, which is the question about boys with green tea, so I have compiled an answer about boys who introduce green tea, Let's take a look. Ten characteristics of male green tea? Ten characteristics of male green tea? 1. Always hush and ask warm green tea boys are very good at talking, always like to get along with you, their mouths are like honey, and they say a lot of touching things every day. The man with green tea always makes you feel warm and says some touching words when you don't expect it, but all the care is spoken out, and he never takes action. 2. Boys who like to flirt with green tea when they see a girl have a characteristic. They start to flirt when they see a girl they like, regardless of whether she has a boyfriend or not. This kind of person teases you but not too much, and has a good sense of proportion, but it makes the person being teased a little confused, not knowing how to define the relationship between you and him. What's even more unbearable is that he not only teases you, but also likes to tease other girls. 3. I only regard you as a good friend. When you fall in love with him after being teased by her, and want to confess to him, his previous attitude will completely disappear, and he will look at you with a very surprised expression , and then went on to say "I have always regarded you as a good friend". 4. Boys who always like to show off their green tea unintentionally are very good at showing off. If they want others to see their new purchases, they will pretend to show them to others. You must know that if a person really wants to do something unintentionally, and pretends to others The feeling is different. 5. Pay attention to your appearance Although it is said that women love beauty, boys with green tea love beauty more. If a boy cares too much about his appearance, it means that this man is not as simple as simply loving beauty. He puts his handsome appearance As a weapon, specially to tease those girls. 6. There are many female friends but no girlfriends. Green tea boys have many girls around them, but they maintain an ambiguous relationship with every girl. They just don’t stipulate which one is a girlfriend, because green tea boys are like scumbags. They don’t want to Give up a whole forest for a single tree. 7. No matter who is older or younger than me, I call my sister. In fact, not only green tea girls like to call me brother, but green tea boys also like to call me sister, and this kind of address can directly hit the heart of the old aunt. 8. In order to cater to a person, change your hobbies. Green tea boys understand girls very well. They will change their hobbies to cater to others, and they also say that those are his preferences, but everything will change after being together. So far, the above is the introduction of the editor's questions about boys with green tea. I hope that the one-point answer about boys with green tea will be useful to everyone.

Green tea boys, ten characteristics of male green tea? , What do boys with green tea call?

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